New Process Air Claw Couplings from SME

The traditional Air Claw Couplings is well known in the market with easy to rust and has short longevity. The product's sealing performance will decline due to rust which will cause equipment failure or personal injury. What about new technology products, can it solve this problem?

First of all, plating with zinc is now used on the market to prevent rust. The treatment method has greatly delayed the rust cycle and extended the longevity of the product. One of the most important function of zinc plating is that it will significantly increase the corrosion resistance of the underlying substrate. Therefore, the quality of the coating is of vital importance which is why you should carefully evaluate the company you choose to provide your zinc plating services.

In addition, China passed the "10 Measures for Environmental Protection" since 2013 which outlined measures to improve China's environment. The pollution discharge of galvanizing related industries belongs to environmental protection and strict control project. This will mean that all factories in the industry will regularly cooperate with government departments to conduct comprehensive shutdown inspection and audit, so the delivery delay will become a national phenomenon. However, Another method using stainless steel as base material will directly increase its production cost, and the estimated cost will be 3 to 4 times higher than the original one.

In order to respond with national environmental protection measures and ensure stable production and supply, Rely on the breakthrough in this field, our company has improved the technology of the original products, then the new type of Air Claw Couplings has been born.

According to the latest salt spray test: the new product can be tested for 168 hours without any signs of corrosion. The key is that the antirust process of the product does not pose a threat to the environment. Its still inherit the excellent features of low
cost and easy production. Therefore, the new process European air connector is our company's truly innovative product in line with the market demand.



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