The siphon breaker valve from SME Industry

The "South-to-North Water Diversion" project promoted by the China government in 2012 is a basic project to optimize the allocation of water resources and promote coordinated regional development. It is a strategic project with the largest investment and the most extensive coverage since the founding of China.

South-to-North Water Diversion

In the fact, the water supply area on the east line of China was densely populated, concentrated in cities, convenient in transportation, and rich in resources. It was an important energy and chemical production base and a major production area for agricultural products such as grain. The potential for economic growth is huge, but the contradiction between water supply and demand has become increasingly prominent. Water shortage has restricted economic and social development and has a serious impact on the ecological environment.

As the core water source for water supply in the Eastern Route region, the Yangtze River has always been the main water source for the Eastern Route Project. It is of good quality and abundant in quantity. The average inflow of seawater for many years has reached more than 900 billion cubic meters and 600 billion cubic meters in special dry years. Provides superior water source conditions.

To this end, the expansion of rivers and lakes, the addition of pumping stations, and the expansion and upgrading of existing pumping stations will be the main content of the hero project. Among them, the Huaiyin Pumping Station in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, as the third cascade pumping station of the river-to-north diversion in our province has recently implemented equipment upgrades in response to the "South-to-North Water Diversion" project and to improve water transfer and flood protection functions.

One of the main upgrades is the use of SME Industrial's patented product-the siphon breaking valve. The siphon breaking valve series developed by Mr Li Sunlong, the legal person of SME, is an efficient and automatic safety valve that protects pumps in pumping stations. The pump valve first appeared in 2004. The design of the combination of electrical and mechanical combination used in various large-scale siphon pumping stations is more intelligent and efficient than other traditional pump valves.

As a safe and efficient valve, the siphon breaker valve is mainly installed above the hump (commanding height) of the siphon water delivery pipe and acts as a quick gate on the siphon water outlet pipe. When the main pipeline generates negative pressure and faces the risk of medium backflow, the siphon can be disconnected in time. Prevent the pipeline and water pump from being damaged due to the output siphon when the pump is stopped and the flow is stopped, and the flow is cut off to protect the safety of pipeline equipment.

Pumping station upgrade, the siphon breaker valve from SME Industry
The pump valve is equipped with a high-performance electromagnetic operating structure. The long-term working temperature rise is less than 6K, the operation evaluation rate is greater than 500 times/h, and the power-off release time is less than 0.5s. In addition, due to the use of variable excitation circuit and overall excitation in the electronic control, the problem of the delayed release of residual magnetism will not occur.

Pumping station upgrade, the siphon breaker valve from SME Industry

The siphon breaking valve adopts pressure balance and continuous energization, so it has the advantages of simple control and reliable performance. It avoids the traditional pneumatic control method, which requires a complete air source device, requires a large opening power, and reduces reliability. As a new generation of patented products, it is believed that the siphon destruction valve will be more active in various water conservancy fields in the future.

Pumping station upgrade, the siphon breaker valve from SME Industry


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