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Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the chemical field belongs to class A and A dangerous fire hazard with a very low flash point, easy combustion, large volume expansion coefficient and explosion risk. So the transportation operation has always been a relatively high-risk work.

Common petrochemical gas discharge connection is mainly standard flange bolted connection. Before the operation, all staff must wear safety protective gloves in strict accordance with the regulations, and check the status of corresponding tools such as wrenches. In addition, the long-term maintenance of flange joints should be done regularly. From the early use of rubber asbestos gasket seals and 45 steel plain bolt combination; To a modified combination of metal wound gaskets with inner and outer rings and high strength bolts (35CrMo).

Although the components have been significantly improved in anti-low-temperature ageing, sealing and bolt strength, the essential operation process has not been changed, and it is still necessary to use no less than 5 bolts in accordance with the regulations to complete the operation in the direction of symmetry and crossing.

In addition to the factors such as the quality of storage tanks and the failure of safety accessories, human error is still the most difficult to control in the worksite.

Due to the complicated operation procedures, even as more experienced staff will inevitably appear the operation of the scene, including the bolt fastening is not uniform, due to inspection negligence caused by the flange and seal gasket failure was not found, etc.

To sum up, misoperation, blind command and poor maintenance of equipment in conveying operations lead to material running, bursting, dropping and leakage everywhere. The first is to cause frostbite or poisoning accidents to staff, and the worst is to cause open fire explosion.

Thus, it can be seen that the fault tolerance rate of traditional flange connection is low. In the process of multi-link operation, there will be the probability of human error, and the long operation time will also increase the risk of accident virtually.

Then, as the "zero overflows" Dry Break Coupling of SME Industry, the problems in the above scenario can be solved once and for all.

The humanized handle design only needs the knob joint to complete the connection. The operation time of 5 seconds before and after and the special internal two-way disc mechanism can realize the effective fast opening and closing and the preferential working condition requirements.

Most importantly, the near-zero overflow effect can effectively protect the safety of operators, and the high risk of leakage and the complicated operation process will become a thing of the past.



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