Jackhammer's Special Hose Minsup Coupling From SME

In addition to liquid media in the industrial field, air media is also one of the commonly used energy sources. As a common energy source, the air is highly efficient, clean, cheap and easy to adjust, and it is widely used in many industries.

In fact, the jackhammer, which is used for stone mining on daily construction sites, ground drilling and breaking concrete rock formations, is a common tool that uses compressed air as power.

First of all, under normal circumstances, the surrounding air is at atmospheric pressure of 14.7 pounds per square inch. When used as an energy source, the air will be compressed and delivered to the jackhammer through an air hose. The pressure at this time will be several times higher than the atmospheric pressure. At the same time, the air inside the jackhammer is released with explosive force and returns to normal atmospheric pressure. This is how jackhammer works.

The jackhammer uses an explosive instantaneous force, and then uses an axial thrust to drill the hole. Therefore, the general staff also need to strictly follow the manual and correct operation skills to use jackhammer safely to prevent human injuries.

The following is the actual use scene of AC (Atlas Copco Power Technique) jackhammer.

Compared with fluid, air medium is more stringent in terms of sealing requirements. Therefore, equipment such as jackhammer is more dependent on the quality of the pipe joint seals. The Minsup A&S Type Air Claw Coupling produced by SME Industry is a standard connection piece specially used for water and gas transportation air pressure hoses.

It can not only stabilize the supply of water and gas medium to the equipment in terms of ensuring the sealing performance but also the multi-size configuration can be directly used for small hand pneumatic drills or air pressure pipes of other large equipment.

The working pressure range of 300psi to 1000psi and the characteristics of uniform claw distance (Φ42mm) can not only ensure the reliability under high-pressure work but also effectively avoid the mismatch phenomenon when the air pressure pipes of various diameters are connected. Standard hose clamps or conventional carbon steel clip can be the best choice for our customers.



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