Drop test! SME demonstrates the quality assurance of KLAW Dry Break Couplings

As a high-end product in the chemical industry - Dry Break Coupling.

The high-efficiency and versatile features can even be widely used in low-temperature environments. It is superior to traditional flange connection methods (link "Deliver safer and more efficient solutions for LPG") and has been consistently recognized by users. The simple operation method and the "Zero Spillage" feature greatly improve the safety of many chemical industries in some hazardous environments.

The high-end features can indeed leave a very deep impression, but if the price deviation is too large, for some customers, the dry break couplings are still a more luxurious choice.

It is true that as a high-end product, dry joints have their own technical content and internal structure that make them outstanding in functionality, but this does not mean that all customers can be convinced to make dry-break couplings the best choice. For example, the guarantee of quality has caused enough potential users to question, and this question is mainly due to the fact that some customers have found that the handle of dry-break couplings will break when used in the field, as shown in the figure below.

(Image source: Shutterstuck)

Quality problems always need to withstand the test of actual working conditions, so next, let's take a look at the quality inspection site of KLAW's dry break couplings.

Simple and direct experimental projects are often easier to show the trustworthy side of the product. We believe this is the most important basis for customers to also trust KLAW.

In addition to dry joints, KLAW's star product Breakaway Coupling (link "SME high recommend the representative product from KLAW - Breakaway Coupling") is another high-end chemical product that can be matched with dry break couplings. As the agent of KLAW in China, Shanghai SME Industry will work with KLAW to promote the Chinese market.

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